Testimonial : Joseph Murrell - 2006 Winner of Kregg Nurse Scholarship Award

In 2006, Joseph Murrell won the Kregg Nurse Scholarship Award. Though he has cerebral palsy and is a wheelchair user, Joseph is currently working at Barbados Light & Power as the Helpdesk Administrator. With the receipt of the scholarship, he was able to complete his BSC in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix. He has also attained certification for COMPTIA, Microsoft and ITIL. “The scholarship has benefited me tremendously as it provided me with practical and varying workplace experience. Experience is very important and I am truly grateful for the opportunities which the scholarship provided and the shaping of my professional attitude that has helped me to maintain the positive path to achieve what I have today.”


Testimonial : Ryan Darlymple - 2009 Winner of Kregg Nurse Scholarship Award

Ryan Darlymple is the 2009 winner of The Kregg Nurse Scholarship Award. Ryan has been accepted into CUNY New York to pursue his Masters in Disability Studies, starting in September 2016.  Ryan graduated in 2012 with BSC. Honours Degree in Social Work from The University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus; inspite of a paralysis on his left side from a car accident. Not working full – time, during 2015 - 2016 he used his time to become involved in a number of projects: - Evaluation of Category 1 Hurricane Shelters in Barbados, Director of the Specialist Camp catering to teens at Princess Margaret School in St. Philip, Administrator and Evaluator of the Transition to Secondary School programme and twice a semester at Cave Hill Campus, he organises and conducts guided tours for international exchange students. Ryan is actively involved in Alleyne's Secondary School Parents Teachers Association (P.T.A) for three years.  “The scholarship helped me to pay my fees and purchase books while studying for my degree.”

Testimonial : Dionna Browne - 2010 Winner of Kregg Nurse Scholarship Award

Dionna Browne is the 2010 winner of the Kregg Nurse Scholarship Award.  In 2000, she was diagnosed with SLE or Lupus, while pursuing her Associate Degree at the Barbados Community College. Although she is faced with this disability, Dionna is in her final year pursuing Law at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus. “The cost of the LLB was about $40,000. The Scholarship helped with that, it came at the right time. I believe Law is my calling and for as long as I can remember it is what I wanted to do.”